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Portable Hardness Testers
Our online guide to portable hardness testers.
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I - "Rockwell-type" Hardness Testers
Ames Portable "Rockwell-type" Testers
Sun-Tec / Clark CPT and CPTXL Portable "Rockwell-type" Testers

II - Brinell Hardness Testers
Telebrineller and Halteman Filletester
King and Clark Brinell Hardness Testers

III - Portable Dynamic Hardness Testers
Proceq EquoTip
Time HLN-11A
Krautkramer DynaMIC
Time TH130

IV - Special / Portable Hardness Testers
Krautkramer MIC 10 & 10DL
Proceq EquoStat

V - Printers
Time TA210 Micro-Printer
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I - Portable "Rockwell-type" Hardness Testers
Ames Portable "Rockwell-type" Testers
The Ames "Rockwell-type" instruments come in both Dial or Digital Display and with either regular or superficial "Rockwell-type" loads.

Six sizes are offered from 1" high x 1" deep to 8" high x 4" deep.

Prices range from $1,650 to $3,200. Accessories such as bench stands, convex and concave avils, and printers for the digital models are available.
Sun-Tec / Clark CPT and CPTXL Portable "Rockwell-type" Testers
The CPT and CPTXL are heavy duty testers with quick change indentors and easy-to-read dial indicators. Fingertip loading provides precise tests. Flat, Vee and Convex Avils and 1/16" ball Indentor are supplied as standard accessories.
,br> The CPT has a vertical opening of 4 1/2" high by 2 1/4" deep and weighs under 3 1/2 pounds. The CPTXL has a vertical opening of 15" high by 4" deep and weighs 23 1/2 pounds.

These testers, including standard accessories, are priced at $1,650 for the CPT and $3,500 for the CPTXL.
II - Portable Brinell Hardness Testers
Telebrineller and Halteman Filletester
These two very portable testers determine hardness by the comparison of the impression diameter in a "Telebrinell" bar and that made simultaneously in the test piece. Please note that it is important to have a Telebrinell bar similar in hardness to the material being tested. The Halteman Filletester is an accessory that allows testing of weld fillets and other difficult to reach areas.

The Telebrineller kit includes a Leica Scope, five Telebrinell bars and computer. The current kit price is $895. The Halteman Filletester is only $265. Additional Telebrinell bars are $13.50 each.
King and Clark Brinell Hardness Testers
These heavy duty testers can be found in most foundries and forges. They provide a true, Full (500 KG for Aluminum and 3,0000 KG for ferrous materials) load, using either 5 mm or 10 mm steel or tungsten carbide balls.

Both models are available in 13 1/2" and 20" heights as well as 4" and 6" throat depths.

Current prices, including standard accessories, start at $3,225. Scopes start at $350.
III - Portable Dynamic Hardness Testers
Proceq EquoTip
The EquoTip is made by Proceq of Switzerland, the developers of this technique. The current model has conversions for most types of metals and hardness scales. The user-friendly menu structure is easy to follow and the large LCD display shows a bar graph of each measurement and visual comparison to past measurements. A variety of special purpose probes are available.

The EquoTip with the type "D" probe is priced at $5,500.
Krautkramer DynaMIC
This recent entry into the field of "Dynamic" hardness testers has some unique features such as automatic correction for probe position. It has both standard conversions; plus, it can be calibrated against known samples of alloy materials.

Current prices start at $6,350 including a type "D" probe.
Time HLN-11A
HLN-11 is an advanced hand-held hardness distinguished by its high accuracy,wide measuring range,and simplicity of operation. It is suitable for testing on various conditions and environments.


Typical Applications

  • In-situ testing of individual parts,or components in assembled machines
  • Mould surface of a die.
  • Heavy components e.g.rolls for rolling mills, etc.
  • Quick analysis of pressure vessels, turbo-generator sets,etc.
  • Testing in a production line e.g.crank-shafts,cylinder blocks,etc.
  • Material identification

Functions Available

  • Display test results in all various hardness scales (HRB,HRC,HB,HV,HSD,HL)
  • Test in any angle,even up-side-down 
  • Convert to Ultimate Tensile strength 
  • Immediate cover between harness scales,and print-out of desired  
  • Input of test number on date 
  • Input print-out of material type, and test direction Print-out of test results via integral printer if needed 
  • Battery low individual Protective carrying case complete with test   block,supporting,cleaning brush,battery charger 
  • Seven impact device available: D ,DC ,DL ,D+15 ,C ,E ,G

The HLN-11A is priced at $3,500.

Time TH130
TH series are advanced integrated hardness tester distinguished by its very compact size,high accuracy,wide measuring range and simplicity of  operation.They are suitable for testing on various conditions and environments.

Typical Applications

  • In situ testing of large and/or heavy components,items already installed as parts of machines
  • During manufacture,especially of mass produced components  I
  • n the stores for material identification 
  • In locations with difficult access,or in confined spaces

The TH130 is priced at $1,950.

IV - Special / Portable Hardness Testers
Krautkramer MIC 10 & 10DL
Krautkramer's MicroDur hardness testers use the "UCI" (Ultrasonic Contact Imedance) method to measure the size of a Vickers diamon pyramid impression.  The impression made is very small and test is very fast.  The "pen like" probe can get into areas inaccessible to other hardness testing devices.

Three hand held probes are available

  • The 1 KG load probe is suitable measuring the hardness of thin materials, plated parts and parts with a thin case depth hardness.
  • The 5 KG load probe is suitable for most machined and hardened steel parts such as gear teeth, splines, tools, dies.
  • The 10 KG load probe is suitable for softer steels and alloy materials and is becoming popular in refineries and power plants where many pipes are too thin for accurate measurements with the Brinell and Dynamic methods, and when test of the "HAZ" (heat affected zone) of welds are required.

Prices start at $7,125 for the MIC-10 with a hand held probe.

Proceq EquoStat
Proceq's new portable "Rockwell-type" hardness tester clamps the test piece and performs a true, but light load, "Rockwell-type" test.   Applications include the testing of thin and soft materials > 27 HRB.

The EquoStat uses a 50N load.   It has a hardness range of:

27 to 107 HRB
21 to 70 HRC

The thickness range is 0.008" through 1".

The hardness coatings over 0.004" thick can be measured.

The EquoStat can be converted to an EquoTip simply by plugging in an EquoTip probe.

EquoStat price is $10,995, EquoTip/EquoStat combination is $12,500.

V - Micro Printers
TA210 Micro-Printer
TA210 is a multi-functional intelligent printer,capable of rapid and accurate printing.   It features small size,a full range of functions,easy operation and easy connection. The built-in rechargeable batteries make it easy to carry and work in any site.

TA210 has an EPSON series print head, supporting duplex and semiduplex asynchronous series communication.  It can be used by connecting to a computer or to products made by the TIME GROUP INC. It provides some special functions in addition to the usual functions of a micro-printer.The built-in clock and liquid crystal display and provide information,making it easy to operate.  The character set and matrix commands are compatible with EPSON LQ-1600K printer.It can also provide some extended commands according to particular needs.