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Thickness Gauge Vendors
Commentary by Neil Breslow
    There are many companies trying to sell ultrasonic gauges these days.  A few actually know what they are doing and take it seriously.      There are many more that are just in it for a buck.

Buyer Beware!

Know with whom you are dealing.
     Some firms only offer one or two models (one size fits all).   A Sales Manager I once worked for (very briefly) said - "Don't worry about what the customer needs - worry about what we have to get off our shelves before the end of the month!"

Buyer Beware!

Radiatronics currently offers nine corrosion gauges and seven precision gauges from two of the best American instrument manufacturers.  We also have a large selection of probes and calibration blocks.   We know how to match the instrument and probes (s) to your applications.

You can tell the difference between the professional and the sales clerk by the number of questions you are asked about your applications.
If we can't solve your thickness gauging problem, we will help you find someone who can.
     We want to help you choose not only a good ultrasonic thickness gauge, but the right one for you applications, budget and the sophistication of your operators.
Choosing The Right Gauge
There are many good thickness gauges available, but are they right for your application, budget and people?

Today's ultrasonic thickness gauges are smaller, lighter, and easier to use than yesterday's model.  They also offer longer battery life and more stable, reproducible measurements.

Choosing the right instrument involves knowing what is available. The following is a list of instrument features to choose from:

  • Quick and simple fixed velocity and one touch probe zero. (KISS type instrument)
  • Adjustable Velocity
  • Automatic Probe Zero, that continuously corrects for changes in probe temperature and wear
  • Scan Mode that intensifies the test and captures (displays) the minimum thickness after you have scanned an area
  • Adjustable power for testing hot or coarse grained materials
  • Out of tolerance alarms
  • Through coating measuring capabilities
  • Simple data logging
  • Full data recording with comment fields, A-Scan Capture, etc.
  • Computer interfacing with available software for reporting, storing test setups as well as Process Safety Management Software
Tailored Recommendations
We offer a free service of recommending the instrument and probe(s) for your unique uses.