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Spectronics : VF-100 Lamp Intensity Verification Fixture

VF-100 Spec-Stik

The VF-100 Spec-Stik is a clever device that holds a Spectroline® UV inspection lamp securely in place during the calibration process. This rugged bar is constructed of polished, high-precision aluminum. It has two posts at one end and an adjustable radiometer-sensor holder at the other. The posts hold the pistol grip of the Spectroline UV lamp to be tested. Depending on which post is chosen, the lamp filter will be positioned exactly 12" (30.5cm) or 15" (38.1cm) from the sensor. Its bracket is adjustable up or down so that the sensor can be precisely aligned with the "hot spot" of the lamp. This assures that only the most accurate readings are being taken. The Spec-Stik eliminates juggling and assures superior accuracy at the same time!

Compatible Spectroline UV Lamps:
B-100 Series, BIB-150B Series, BIB-150P Series, C-100 Series, MB-100 Series, SB-100 Series, SB-100P Series, SB-100PR Series, SB-100R Series, SB-125 Series, SPR-100 Series, SPR-100P Series, SSC-100 Series

Compatible Spectroline Radiometers
DM-365X, DSE-100X, DSE-100X/L, DSE-100H, DSE-100H/L, DSE-2000, DSE-2000/L, DSE-2000H, DSE-2000H/L

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VF-100A Spec-Stik - MIL-STD Verification Fixture for Spectroline Meter Sensors, as well as, HID, Tritan and Optimax Series Lamps.




Lamp Holder for Optimax Series Lamps (for use with VF-100A)




Lamp Holder for Tritan Series Lamps (for use with VF-100A, FA-100, WM-100, B-6 and W-6)



Small Order Processing Fee

Small Order Processing Fee is required for Spectronics orders under $135.00.



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