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Spectronics : 36-380 Pencil Lamp
Pencil Lamp

Spectronics : 36-380 Pencil Lamp

The Spectroline 36-380 pencil lamp is one of the smallest sources available of filtered, long wave ultraviolet (Black Light) radiation. It is basically the 11SC-1 lamp coated with conversion phosphors that absorb the 254nm line and convert this energy into a band peaking at 365nm. The lamp in encased in a tubular glass filter that absorbs visible light while transmitting maximum ultraviolet intensity. The 36-380 lamp is ideal for fluorescent penetrant analysis and boroscopic inspection in ordinarily inaccessible locations.



Average Intensity

1,000 µW/cm2 of 365nm (3650 A°U, 365mµ) radiation at 1" (2.54cm)


The quartz tube is bonded inside a phenolic handle with Viton™ and a special insulating resin. A 24" (61cm) ozone-resistant cord set with plug is provided for attachment to the Spectroline SCT-1A powe supply


The lamp plugs into the Spectroline SCT-1A power supply


Tube: 2 1/8" (5.30cm), 3/8" (0.95cm) OD
Housing: 5 1/4" (13.34cm)


2 1/2 oz. (70g)

SCT-1A Power Supply

The separately housed Spectroline SCT-1A power supply provides correct electrical characteristics for efficient operation of the 11SC-1, 11SC-2 and 36-380 lamps. The SCT-1A provides 1,200 volts open circuit for starting the lamps — considerably above the 800 volts needed. The 11SC-1 and 36-380 will operate at 295 volts and 18mA; the 11SC-2 will operate at 205 volts and 18.5mA.




115V AC/60Hz
(230V AC/50Hz version is also available)


On/off switch


4 1/2L x 4W x 3 1/8"H
(11.4L x 10.2W x 7.9cmH)


5 lbs. (2.3kg)

Cord Length

7 1/2 ft. (2.3m) primary cord
3 ft. (0.9m) secondary cord

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36-380, Pencil Lamp UV-A (365nm)


Please email us or
call 1-800-635-9108 or 913-432-7080
for current pricing.


EPS-100 Electronic Power Supply for 36-380 Pencil Lamp (120V/60Hz)


Please email us or
call 1-800-635-9108 or 913-432-7080
for current pricing.

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