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Blacklights/UV Lamps >> UV & White Light Meters (Radiometers)
Spectronics : DSE-2000 UV Radiometer/Photometer
Radiometer/Photometer System

DSE-2000 Series UV Radiometer/Photometers

DSE-2000A is Discontinued - See AccuMax XRP-3000


DSE-2000 Series UV Radiometer/Photometers

 digital readout unit with both UV and white light sensors!

  • Upgraded UV sensor components
  • Shockproof and water-resistant
  • Exceptional overall accuracy
  • Ideal for NDT and QC inspections
  • Comply with MIL and ASTM standards

Versatile! Accurate! Affordable!

Unsurpassed accuracy
Each component is designed to yield maximum accuracy. Readout unit offers advanced electronic circuitry and auto-zeroing feature. Pyroelectric/photometric calibration of sensors provides superior linearity, excellent signal-to-noise ratio and controlled spectral response.

Extended sensor life
Rugged, silicon photodiode is sealed and fixed in a metal/quartz package to protect against adverse effects of shock and humidity, eliminating the possibility of photodiode fracture. As a result, the sensors last longer.

Cost effective
Eliminates the need for two separate meters. Simply choose the sensor you want, plug it into the readout unit and set the wavelength selector switch to measure either black light or visible light.

Sleek design, high-visibility digital display and dual-measuring capability using interchangeable sensors make the DSE-2000 Series radiometer/photometer systems exceedingly easy to use.

Other features include:

  • Liquid-resistant sensor housing prevents moisture contamination
  • UV sensor utilizes well-defined bandpass interference filter to ensure accurate intensity measurements
  • Calibration upgrade — 365nm calibration light source utilizes an improved cooling system and a more collimated light profile
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DSE-2000A, System complete with DSE-100X Digital Readout Unit, DIX-365 UV Sensor DIX-555A Visible (Footcandles)


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