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Spectronics : DM-365XA Radiometer
The DM-365XA UV-A Meter


DM-365XA UV Radiometer

The DM-365XA is the only instrument you’ll need to perform your daily black light lamp calibrations. Analog meters are history! True digital UV readings come from Spectronics Corporation, the company that invented the digital UV radiometer! The DM-365XA is truly a meter for the 21st Century!

Unmatched accuracy — Meter calibration by pyroelectric method provides superior linearity and controlled spectral response. Auto-zeroing feature and reliable electronic/electrooptic circuitry provide excellent signal-to-noise ratio. High-quality interference filter ensures closely controlled spectral coverage (320 to 400nm) and eliminates sensitivity to

Longer sensor life — Rugged, silicon photodiode is sealed and fixed in a metal/quartz package to protect against adverse effects of shock and humidity, eliminating the possibility of photodiode fracture. As a result, the sensor lasts longer.

Truer readings — Upgraded sensor components, sealed silicon photodiode and new calibration light source, among other improvements, provide error-free readings and more repeatable results. True values can be obtained with just one reading — without requiring a second reading to compensate for infrared sensitivity.

Maximum durability — The DM-365XA radiometer’s solidstate circuitry is housed within a durable polycarbonate housing to protect against shock damage.

Other features include:

- Liquid-resistant sensor housing prevents moisture contamination

- Calibration upgrade — 365nm calibration light source utilizes an
improved cooling system and a more collimated light profile

Avoid a “balancing act.”

Use the Spectroline Model VF-100 Spec-Stik™ MIL-STD verification fixture to calibrate your lamps at exactly 15 inches (38.1cm).

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DM-365XA Radiometer Includes: 4 Non-rechargeable 1.5 Volt Alkaline Batteries and a Battery Level Indicator Light. Measuring Range: 0-19,990 microwatts per cm2


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