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Blacklights/UV Lamps >> UV & White Light Meters (Radiometers)
UV Products : J-221 Longwave UV Meter
Analog UV Meter

The J-221 meter measures longwave (365 nm) . It's sensor is sensitive from 300 to 400nm with a peak sensitivity at 365nm. Readings from 0 to 1200 uW/cm2.

The J-221 Meter complies with MIL STD 45662-A and can be found in MIL-I-6868D. Each meter features two scales for low and high intensity readings. For remote readings, a four foot (1.2m) cord connects the sensor to the meter. Two scales measure a wide range of intensity. An infrared filter assures accurate readings when measuring light sources producing infrared radiation. The 5X attenuation screen can be used for very high intensity lamp measurements.

Calibration is certified to meet UVP’s published standards and is traceable to NIST*. UVP recommends calibration every six months.

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J-221 Longwave Analog UV-A Meter


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