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IT Concepts : iRis Videoscope
Intelligent Remote Inspection System
iRis Intelligent Remote Inspection System  


• Videoscope for the mobile use
• Ready for use in no time
• Very compact & portable
• Sturdy & reliable
• 1.5kg lightweight
• Real one-handed operation
• Integrated high-power LED light source
• Intuitive use
• Intelligent camera control


Extremely compact dimensions, minimal weight and optimal handling are the outstanding attributes of the iRis Videoscope System by IT Concepts. Inspections in remote or inaccessible areas of the harsh industrial environments now are feasible in no time and with an undreamed easiness. Only little efforts and iRis is ready for use within seconds. You can move the distal end to any desired position fast, easy and precisely, thanks to the approved tactile 4-way articulation of up to 180°.


Adjustable and interchangeable objectives with different fields of view, f-stops and working distances as well as the high brightness of the LED light source guarantee, that you don´t miss any detail on the 4.0” high resolution TFT display. The integrated, changeable and rechargeable high power batteries assure 2 hours of opera-ting time. The balanced handle - designed for real one-handed operation - allows long and effortless working. With diameters of 6.0mm or 8.0mm and lengths from 1.5m to 3.0m the iRis leaves nothing to be desired.
  Videoscope with 4-way articulation: precise, sturdy and reliable. The videoscope applied in the iRis descends from the approved iSeries videoscope family. The ergonomic handle of the iRis allows precise mechanical steering with short adjustment travel and sensitive setting to zero-point. Controlling in four directions up to 180° is carried out via two tactile and mechanical levers.
Permanently deceleration of the controller cables is an important advantage of the mechanical control. As the endoscope needs no locking device, it can hardly be damaged while being removed of the inspected object. Furthermore the articulation system immediately reacts to force effects by driving back the levers on its own. That is effectively reducing downtimes and avoids unnecessary costs for repair.
The large range of interchangeable objectives is making the iRis flexible. Being adjustable is a very specific feature of all interchangeable objectives. Using the lens tool changes a close focus objective into a far focus objective or in reverse in the twinkling of an eye. That way the high resolution image sensor can deliver optimal sharp pictures, high colour fidelity and depth of field with only one objective at any time.
LED lightning technology: bright, economical and innovative. The LED light source is cha-racterized by bright white light, 5000 hours of operating time and little power consumption. By pushing one button the LED can be adjusted in three steps and optimum illumination of the inspection objects is reached. The heat which may occur during operation is dissipated by a heat sink to prevent the housing from growing warm. In addition the LED is absolutely non-destructive and safely integrated in the handle of the iRis.


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