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Borescopes - Remote Viewing Instruments >> Rigid Borescopes >> IT Concepts
IT Concepts : 75 W Halogen Light Source

This Universal Light Source can be configured for AC or DC power sources and is very reliable and economical.


12V DC portable

110V or 220V AC adapters

12V rechargeable battery pack

Adjustable light intensity

Flash-light handle model w/ 10 watt bulb

110V or 220V AC light source

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Halogen Light Source (75W)




AC Adapter 100/110V (power option 1. for 420-0002)




Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery Pack (power option 3. for 420-0002)




Replacement Lamp for Halogen Light Source (420-0002) EFN75



Light Guide

Light Guide Cable - 1.5m Fiber light guide cable suitable for use with all IT Concepts semi-rigid and rigid Borescopes. This item or an alternative light guide cable is required to connect the Borescope to the light source to enable light transmission. Length: 1.5m (4.9 ft) Sheathing: Steel monocoil with PVC sleeve Active Diameter: 4.0mm (0.157 in) Borescope Connector: ACMI Light Source Connector: IT Concepts



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