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IT Concepts : 24 Watt Metal Halide Arc - Light Source

24W Metal Halide Arc Lamps and Light Sources This is an excellent lamp for most remote visual inspection applications.

Some of the factors that make this lamp so suitable for our products include:

- Up to five times the light output per watt when compared to halogen light sources

- Intense white light with a correlated color temperature (CCT) over 5400K

- Long Life - up to ten times longer life than many halogen lamps operating at full power

- A short arc gap that efficiently launches light into small diameter fiber bundles

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24W Metal Halide Light Source - IT Concepts LG Adapter




24W Metal Halide Light Source - IT Concepts LG Adapter with Belt Clip and Airway Housing (for cooling)




Replacement Lamp for Metal Halide Light Sources



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