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Insight Vision : VuTek Pipe Inspection Camera
 Insight Vision VuTek
Insight Vision has paid close attention to the changing needs of inspectors in pipe camera technology and design. The VuTek push camera is light weight and very portable. It also boasts the best image clarity in the industry. Among the many enhancements and features, the spiral wound push rod means less chance for damage requiring re-termination, but there is much much more...
 VuTek Push Camera Brings You Outstanding ROI

1.3" Diameter Color Camera
Self leveling. Best clarity on the market today! Stainless steel camera body with sapphire lens. 8 high intensity LEDs give outstanding visibility in pipes up to 12". Maneuver 3 inch 90 degree turns and most 4" traps.

Large High Resolution LCD Monitor
8.4" color monitor is recessed for best viewing, even in heavy sunlight. On screen text and footage.

Optional Built in Hard Drive
Provides 30 hours of continuous recording.

One Touch Record
Record direct to USB: makes recording inspections that much easier.

Command Center
Rugged design and injection molded materials give the command center water resistance, recessed connections and sealed controls. Can be attached directly to the coiler and detached and carried with the easy grip handle. Includes built in text writer and 10' interlink cable.

3 Hour Battery Life
Integrated 3-4 hour NiMh battery for extended life. No battery memory effect. Accepts AC or DC input. System completely operational during re-charging.

Component Design
Seperate the components from the frame for ease of use in tight access locations. Light weight steel frame is portable and expandable to fit all lateral pipe inspection applications. Large diameter off road wheels travel where you need to go.

Vertical Rod Coiler
Very durable light weight steel tubing. Also side support feet for applications needing horizontal mounting.

200' Push Rod
Rigid push rod design enables longer runs and larger pipelines. Spiral bound design for better strength and lower maintenance costs.

Built in to flex connector - 512 Hz.

Digital Counter
Displays distance on screen in feet or meters. Preset or reset on screen location of footage.

2.5" to 4" centering device keeps camera centered in smaller pipes. AC power cord tool to remove camera and owners manual all store easily in the detachable accessories pouch

 How to Try Out the new Insight Vision VuTek Pipe Camera
 Interested in trying out the VuTek pipe camera for your application? It is now available in our rental pool by the day, week, month, or extended contract.


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