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Coating Gauges >> Zn/Fe Coating Thickness
Oxford/CMI : CMI 730-EM7
Desk Top Instrument for Zinc Coatings


  • The 730-EM7 package includes: EM7 module, ECP-M probe, EM1 guide, Zn/Fe standard set (Non-Cyanide or Cyanide)
The CMI-730 package enables control of plating / coating processes using advanced magnetic induction and eddy-current technology. The CMI730 provides non-destructive coating / plating thickness measurement for non-magnetic coatings over magnetic substrates, non-conductive coatings over non-magnetic substrates and metallic coatings on ferrous substrates.


  • High contrast color LCD display
  • Memory to store up to 5000 measurements, parameters and calibrations
  • RS232 PC connectivity
  • Parallel printer port
  • Multi-level user password security system
  • Statistical data analysis with histogram, X-bar, R-chart, trend charts which can be viewed on the display or printed direct from the instrument




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CMI-730 kit with EM7 module, ECP-M probe, EM1 guide and ZN/Fe standards


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