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Coating Gauges >> Dual Coatings on Ferrous and NonFerrous Metals >> ElektroPhysik
Elektro Physik : MiniTest Series 70
Built-in Sensor

The MiniTest 70FN with SIDSP technology.

Measures all coatings on steel e.g. paints, powder coating, enamels, chrome, zinc and all insulating coatings on non-ferrous metals e.g. anodizing, paint, etc.

Measuring Ranges for the MiniTest 70 series:

Ferrous applications :0 to 120 mils

Non-Ferrous Applications : 0 to 100 mils

  • Memory : No
  • Statistics : Yes
  • Data Transfer : No
  • Automatic identification of the substrate material
  • Build-in sensor 


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MiniTest 70FN

MiniTest 70FN with wrist strap, battery, cal shims, zero plate, instructions, storage case


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