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Fischer Technology : MPOR Permascope
Coating Thickness Gauge

Hand-held coating thickness measurement instrument with two large, easy to read backlit displays.
Integrated probe measures non-magnetic coatings like paint and enamel applied to ferrous substrates
such as steel or iron using the magnetic induction method. Conforms to DIN EN ISO 2178, ASTM D7091,
B499, B569, BS 3900-C5, SSPC-PA2, IMO PSPC and others. USB interface for bi-directional data
transmission to Fischer Data Center Software. Measurement range 0 - 97.5 mils (0 - 2500 μm).

• 10,000 reading memory with USB data transfer
• Statistical functions along with SSPC PA2, IMO PSPC measuring modes
• Scroll through previous measurements
• Continuous measurement scan of surface
• Fast - 70 readings per minute
• Normalization and adjustment capabilities
• Compact, easy to use, and rugged
• Wear resistant hard metal probe tip
• Repeatable and precise
• Factory reset option

Price includes: Fischer Data Center Software and USB cable, Certificate of calibration, carrying case,
protective cover, 2 AA batteries, Fe base, certified calibration foil, lanyard and manual.
For additional information, see brochure.

 Offered for sale in the: USA, Canada and Mexico only.

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Permascope MP0R

 Permascope MP0R Kit


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