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James Instruments, Inc. : Aquameter
Measure moisture content of solid material

Hand-held instruments for the fast, accurate measurement of moisture content in solid materials.

The James Aquameter is an advanced digital instrument, using a high frequency capacitive sensor to accurately measure the water content of concrete, masonry, brick, gypsum and most solid materials.

Through extensive testing of various materials, relationships between changes in the dielectric constant and moisture content have been determined - and computed and digitized in the Aquameters. This gives the user a direct read-out of moisture content for a variety of materials. No charts or tables required - no prongs, probes or holes needed.

Model T-M-70 features additional functions allowing the user to calibrate the meter to determine moisture content in almost any solid material. Also, it can automatically average an infinite number of readings to determine the moisture content of large structures.

Specifications Modes of Operation Models T-M-60 & T-M-70: Concrete, masonry, gypsum, brick and most woods Additional Mode Model T-M-70: Special user calibrated mode and averaging function

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