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Concrete >> Maturity & Temperature
James Instruments, Inc. : IQM-Meter
Monitors & calculates maturity

Designed specifically for monitoring and analyzing fresh concrete, the IQM Module is programmed with the required Equivalent Age of the concrete under test. Once this preset maturity number is reached, a visual indicator will flash continuously, providing an effective, automatic indication that the concrete has reached the desired level of maturity.

Software and interface cable allow direct uploading of the data to a Windows PC environment where it can be imported into any spreadsheet, word processor or graphing program for further analysis. Temperature history can be graphically displayed with respect to time.

The IQM software will create maturity indices from the complex Arrhenius equation according to ASTM procedure. The strength gain can be calculated and all these parameters can be graphically displayed with respect to time. The James IQM System enables fresh concrete to be easily and completely monitored in the field for improved safety, quality and optimum stripping time. Its modular design facilitates number and choice of monitoring locations.

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