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James Instruments, Inc. : IQT-Meter
Time & temperature monitoring

A flexible and economical temperature monitoring system, the IQT features extensive memory and graphic display of temperature history. Similar to the IQM, the IQT System offers software for uploading the temperature data to a P.C. through its serial port. The temperature history can then be displayed with respect to time.

Specifications IQM & IQT System Specs M-IQM-4010 & M-IQT-4020: Data Module Memory Size: >8,000 Data Points Battery Life: @ 20ºC: 30 days recording every 30 minutes M-IQM-4011: K-Thermocouple M-IQM-4040: Software to Calculate Maturity and Strength M-IQT-4050: Software to upload Temperature Data Op. System: Windows 9x/NT 32 Processor: 133 MHz Pentium RAM: 32MB Hard Disk Space: 8 MB

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