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Concrete >> Maturity & Temperature
James Instruments, Inc. : M-Meter
Multi-channel maturity meter

Measures the developing strength of maturing concrete (ASTM C-1074).

The M Meter Maturity System is a six-channel microprocessor based instrument that integrates time and temperature for monitoring freshly poured concrete, on-site. The maturity number is calculated and updated every six minutes, and together with the lapsed time and temperature readings, are stored each hour. This information can be transferred to hard copy by a field printer (optional M-M-3010) attached to the M-Meter. Battery capacity allows for up to 20 days of continuous operation.

Premature form stripping in cold weather can be avoided. Excessive summer heat exposure can be controlled. Loading, prestressing or post tensioning and form removal can be done safely.

Cost Reduction!
Optimum scheduling of form removal, prestressing, post tensioning and highway loading is achieved while the need for artificial heating or cooling is minimized.

Quality Assurance!
Large differences in concrete strength caused by variations in temperature during curing, can be eliminated and uniformity of concrete strength achieved. Maturing concrete strength can be monitored continuously - and documented

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