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James Instruments, Inc. : Rebound Hammer
In-place strength test of hardened concrete

Indicates the compressive strength of Hardened Concrete

Manual Test Hammers provide the most economical, quick and easy concrete compressive strength test in the field. It will also provide an indices of hardness and compressive strength for other construction materials. It conforms to ASTM C-805 and other international standards. A benefit of using manual rebound hammers is, it is easy to use the manual calculations of the mean rebound number. 

Manual Test Hammer
Model W-M-250
Is the traditional instrument used for non destructive testing of hardened concrete. The easy to use instrument provides a quick and simple test for obtaining an immediate indication of concrete strength in various parts of the structure. The minimum verifiable strength is 1400 PSI (10 MPA) to approximately 9000 PSI (62 MPA). All concrete test hammers measure the surface hardness of the material they are testing; this is then correlated to concrete compressive strength.

The manual concrete hammer, aka rebound hammer, schmidt hammer, swiss hammer, sclerometer, is the most widely used non destructive instrument for compressive strength determination. However, it typically has the largest coefficient of variation; therefore the result should be verified with another non destructive test such as the V-Meter MK II.

Calibration Anvil
Model W-C-7312
For verification of the W-M-250 Manual Rebound Hammer, W-D-2000 Digital Rebound Hammer Complete System and W-D-1500 Digital Rebound Hammer Basic System.

The Calibration Anvil weighs approximately 35 lbs. (16 kg).  

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Manual 250 Rebound Hammer


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Test Anvil


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