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Concrete >> Ultrasonic
James Instruments, Inc. : Vu-con
Impact echo analysis of concrete and masonry
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Part: 28-VV100
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The VuCon Analyzer provides the engineer with the sturdiest, most reliable system for impact echo analysis. No moving parts and implementation of the latest microcomputer technology has created a system that is both sophisticated and reliable. The unit comes with a 90 mm (3.5") by 115 mm (4.5") graphic display screen that is easily viewed in daylight. This allows rapid analysis of results in situ. It may store more than 200 individual tests with time and date indication. The data is easily uploaded to a PC for inclusion in reports and data analysis. Data communication takes place via the RS-232 port and Windows compatible PC software. The unit allows the user to select sensitivity levels to adapt to varying conditions in the field.

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