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Centurion NDT : Centurion FM-140XL
Digital Conductivity Meter

Digital Conductivity Meter

Centurion NDT's FM-140XL conductivity meter makes conductivity testing simple and worry free...for most non-ferrous metal testing. Portable, yet ruggedly designed, it instantly generates readings with a bright, direct digital display, in percent IACS (International Annealed Copper Standard). To prolong battery life, readings only display when probe and testing surfaces meet.

The FM-140XL delivers precision accuracy to +/- .5% of the readings at 20° C. Included is a RS-232 port which allows the user to download information to computers, micro-controllers or other peripherals. The FM-140XL is housed in a compact, lightweight and shock resistant case for long life and durability. Placing the probe against the testing surface generates a direct conductivity reading in large brilliant LED digits. The front panel features a sorting gate, go/no-go, red or green LED display.

The FM-140XL meter is useful for sorting a wide variety of non-ferrous metals and allows, as well as for measuring changes in physical properties affecting conductivity. Such changes include hardening, annealing, variations in allow, heat treating, corrosion and/or aging.

Its rechargeable Ni-Cad batteries provide up to ten hours of continuous operation from one charge. A lift-off compensation circuit easily handles rough surfaces, and compensates for probe wobble. Two test samples are mounted atop of the unit for easy set up.

Accuracy: +/- 0.5% at 20°C.
RS-232: Downloads data into the user's computer, micro-controller or other peripheral.
Resolution: 0.1/IACS for any reading.
Readout: 4.0 digits, 0.43" (1.09 cm) seven segment LED display with fixed decimal point. Display automatically shuts off when probe is lifted from the part being tested.
Lift-off: Automatic lift-off compensation circuit compensates for moderately rough surfaces and minor probe wobble.
Calibration: Two case mounted set-up samples. Separate front panel control for each sample.
Batteries: Two rechargeable, self-contained Ni-Cad battery packs are standard. Approximately 10 hours continuous operation on a single charge.
Line Operation: May be operated on 115V 50/60 Hz line or converted to 230V 50/60 Hz.
Weight: 5.0 lbs. (2.27 kg).
Dimensions: 2.75" high x 8.5" wide x 9" deep (7 cm x 21.6 cm x 22.9 cm).
Probe: 7/16" diameter, shielded. Probe replacement requires recalibration at factory.
Handle: Multi-adjustable handle enables operator to lock unit into position for easiest viewing angle.

Selective Specifications:
FM-140XL 10% to 110% +/- 0.5% of reading 60KHz .437" (1.1 cm) diam.
Part No. 220220 IACS +/- 1 digit at 20°C Part No. 220245



 1.0    Description

1.1       The Model FM-140XL Digital Conductivity Meter is a microprocessor based electronic testing instrument which utilizes induced eddy currents to measure directly the electrical conductivity of nonmagnetic metals such as copper, aluminum, brass, molybdenum, nickel, tin or zinc, in units of percent International Annealed Copper Standard (%IACS).  It can also provide an indirect measurement of properties directly related to conductivity, such as heat treat condition or precipitation hardening of aluminum alloys, phosphorous content and thermal conductivity of copper.

 1.2      The shielded probe, energized by 60 KHz  alternating current, induces circulating currents in the part to be measured.  These induced currents which are a function of conductivity, react back on the probe.  This reaction is then amplified and displayed.  A threshold gate can be set from the front panel to allow simple go/no go sorting.  Two conductivity samples are permanently mounted to the top of the unit for ease of set-up.  A 9-pin connector is available on the rear of the unit to allow for RS-232 type communications.

2.0     Mechanical and Construction

2.1            Dimensions:  2.75” (7 cm) high x 8.5” (21.6 cm) wide x 9” (22.9 cm) deep

2.2            Weight:  5.0 lbs. (2.27 kg)

2.3            Readout:  3-½ digits, .43” (1.09 cm) seven segment LED display

2.4       The FM-140XL is housed in a compact lightweight and shock resistant case for long life and durability.  A protective carrying case with storage pouch for probe and line cord is available. 

3.0     Electrical and Performance

3.1       The FM-140XL is state-of-art design employing high reliability microprocessor and integrated circuits.

3.2            Frequency:    60 KHz

3.3            Range:   10% to 110% IACS

3.4             Accuracy is ± 0.5% IACS at 68oF (20oC)

3.5             Power requirements:  The FM-140XL operates from two internal nickel cadmium battery packs of 6 volts each or from 115 or 220 volts, AC, 50/60 Hz power.                                                                                           

 3.6      The battery charger is built into the instrument and is energized through a 3-wire grounded power cord with a polarized molded vinyl plug.

 3.7      The batteries are rated for approximately 10 hours continuous operation from the fully charged state, at 70o F, before recharging is necessary.  The recharge time required is 10 to 14 hours.

 3.8      RS-232 port at rear of the unit.  A simple instruction set enables conductivity values to be loaded into separate computer, micro-controller, etc.

 4.0     Operation

 4.1      For initial calibration, the ON button is push to energize the unit.  The high calibration is set by placing the probe on the high calibration conductivity sample and pressing the up/down  arrow until the unit readout and the value of the sample are the same.  This procedure is then repeated for the low sample.  The unit is then ready to use.  An internal timer warns the operator to verify the calibration of the unit every fifteen minutes.  If the unit is left on and no readings are taken in that fifteen minute interval, the unit will shut off to conserve battery life.  The calibration information is saved in memory.

 4.2      For gate operation, the procedure is very much the same.  The unit is turned on and calibrated.  The GATE ON and SET buttons are pushed.  To set the low threshold, push the LOW button and then the up/down arrows to the desired level.  The same is done on the high end.  The GATE SET button is again pushed.  Now when the probe is placed on a sample of material whose conductivity value is within the set high and low limits, the green LED on the front panel will light.  If the value is outside the limits set, the red LED will light.

5.0    Order Reference

5.1       Model FM-140XL Digital Conductivity Unit, including calibration samples, line cord, probe, and operating manual to operate on 115/60/1,  P/N 220220

5.2   Standard Accessories

5.2.1    Calibration Samples:  Copper,  P/N 518542, Brass,  P/N 518543

5.2.2    Line Cord,  P/N 216214

5.2.3   Standard Probe,  P/N 220245

5.3   Addendum Accessories

5.3.1   Carrying Case,  P/N 519739

6.0   References

6.1       Instruction Manual, Form No. 220220, effective August 1, 1996

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FM140XL Digital Conductivity Meter Includes: Spring Load Probe(220245), Set-up Calibration Samples, Battery Charger, 110/220V (520339), Operating Manual


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Carrying Case for FM140XL


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