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Eddy Current & Electro-Μagnetic >> Simple Crack Detectors - Non-ferrous
Centurion NDT : Centurion ED-520ME
Automated Eddy Current Tester

ED-520ME Flaw Detector

Special Features:

Proven, reliable microprocessor-based circuit design

- Highly sensitive resonance-type eddy current instrument

- Automatic, pushbutton selection of operating frequency and balance

- Wide selection of probes and coils - interchangeable with existing equipment

- Variable frequency range from 55 KHz to 220 KHz

- Built-in threshold circuit includes an indicating lamp and an audible alarm

- Extremely versatile, yet simplified operation

- Dust-proof, weather resistant rugged aluminum enclosure for operation under most environmental conditions

- Includes test block and pencil probe


The model ED-520ME eddy current instrument is an electronic device that will locate surface and near-surface discontinuities in non-magnetic materials. It also finds surface defects in magnetic materials, where permeability is relatively constant throughout the test area. In addition, the ED-520ME will sort classes of materials according to such properties as hardness, alloy type, carbon content, heat treat condition, tensile strength, and grain structure (where these relate to changes in the magnetic and electrical characteristics of the test part).

With proper standards, electrical conductivity may be evaluated. This often relates to the tensile strength of many aluminum and magnesium alloys. The instrument can also be used to measure the thickness of thin, non-magnetic sheets, as well as conductive and nonconductive coatings (when used with suitable standards).

The ED-520ME is widely used in military and commercial aircraft testing as well as process control, receiving inspection, research, and maintenance. Its compactness, ease of operation, and consistent precision make the ED-520 valuable for testing in foundries, heat treat shops, and manufacturing plants - wherever accurate data must be obtained quickly to establish fatigue or product reliability. The ED-520 features battery operation for extended field use. It is easily recharged for the AC line, using the supplied AC charger.

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ED-520, Microprocessor Based Eddy Current Instrument, Includes: Aluminum 3 Slot Test Block (225459); General Purpose Probe (222296); Probe Cable, BNC to Microdot (210816); Power Supply/Charger, 115VAC (520104) or Power Supply/Charger, 220VAC (520127)


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