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Eddy Current & Electro-Μagnetic >> Rohmann Portable Instruments for Shop & Field
Rohmann : Elotest M3
M3 Eddy Current Tester

The new ELOTEST M3 is based on the small and powerful ELOTEST M2, well known as the smallest handheld eddy current tester on the market. The ELOTEST M3 offers a large size LCD display with stunning definition and brightness. When multiple inspectors have to review images for evaluation or precise handling of the probe does not allow capability of holding the instrument, the M3 will be the instrument of choice based on the large display and intuitiveness of the parameter adjustments.

Some of the exceptional performance data are listed below:

  • Wide frequency range from 10Hz to 12 MHz
  • Filter functions Low pass, high pass, band pass are standard
  • Large 60db main gain and pre gain settings
  • Independently adjustable dual frequency operation (single probe)
  • Intuitive pictogram guided 10 key user operation
  • All commonly available probes can be operated from the ELOTEST M3
  • Optimized rotor operation feature included in the standard package

The main application fields for the ELOTEST M3 are manual surface inspection, bore hole inspection, hidden structure as well as conductivity and coating thickness measurements



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