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Eddy Current & Electro-Μagnetic >> Probes
Techna NDT : Adjustable Diameter Probes
for most brands of scanners

 UniRotor™ for multiple scanners

Adjustable diameter scanner hole probes have all the features of their split end counterparts, with the added feature of being adjustable to meet a range of hole diameters. In a typical application the diameter can be manually adjusted to reduce noise, lift-off or to compensate for a rougher hole. The X type of adjustment is via a thumbscrew at tip of probe and the Y type is an exterior sleeve that closes down the spread at the probe tip.


Techna Y Type Techna X-Type
 Techna UniRotor Standard  Techna UniRotor Split
Techna for Hocking® Mini Rotor Techna for Nortec® Rechii Rotor
 Techna Hocking Mini Rotor Adjustable Diameter  Techna Nortec Rechi Adjustable Diameter
Techna for Rohmann® Mini Rotor Techna for Rohmann® Elotest Std Rotor
 Techna Rohmann Mini Rotor Adjustable Diameter  Techna Rohmann Elotest Standard Rotar Adjustable Diameter
Techna for Physical Acoustics® PD-214 Rotor Techna for Nortec® PS5 Rotor
 Techna PAC PD-214 Rotor Adjustable Diameter  Nortec PS5 Rotar Adjustable Diameter
Techna for Zetec® Rotor - Absolute Techna for Zetec® Rotor - Differential
 Zetec Rotar Absolute Adjustable Diameter  Zetec Rotar Differential Adjustable Diameter


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