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NDR Products : Model 65-C2
Deluxe Dual X-Ray Illuminator

Model 65-C2 Deluxe Dual X-Ray Viewer

- Combines a full 14"x17" viewing area and a 4 inch diameter "brite spot."

- Illumination of the viewing area is changed by depressing a footswitch which is included with the basic unit.

- Each viewing area is controlled independently with an electronic dimming control.

- The 14"x17" section will illuminate to a 3.0 density and the brite spot will illuminate to 4.0 density film.

- The 14"x17" section uses two BAH 300 watt bulbs and is cooled by fan.

- The "brite spot" area uses either an 500 watt DXb or 300 watt halogen bulb. This section is cooled by a blower and a reflecting glass.

- All steel construction protected by attractive textured blue finish and trimmed with polished chrome strips.

- A hinged top lid makes it easy to change bulbs.

Dimensions: 14" x 25" x 16"
Shipping Weight: 45 lbs.

Uses 2 BAH 300 Wat Incandescent Bulbs and 1 ELH 300 Watt Halogen Lamp. Optional DXB 500 Watt Incandescent bulb. Dimensions: 14" x 25" x 16", Weight: 45 pounds.

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Dual Viewer


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