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Hardness Testers - Portable >> Durometers - Shore
Time : TIME TH200 Shore A Durometer
Shore A Durometer

TH200 Shore Rubber Hardness Tester

This light weight, eronomically designed tester make it easy to obtain precise measurements.

- TH200 measures and holds the peak Durometer value as well as average measurement. mean value.

- Precision 35o blunt point indentor

- Out of tolerance alarm

- RS232 port for interfacing with printer or PC. Automatically switch off

- Measuring range: 0-100HA

- Measurement accuracy +/- 1 point (within 20-90HA)

Test scales available Shore A
Standards DIN 53505,ASTM D2240
Result display Hardness result, Average value, Max value    (peak value lock), Battery indication

Result display  resolution

0.1 unit
Data output RS-232
Statistics Total test, Highest hardness, Average
Features Automatic shut off, battery low alarming
Operating temperature 0 - 40°C
Power requirements 3 x 1.25V batteries (V357)
Battery life 300 Hours
Weight 145g

Standard package includes:

- Main unit

- Batteries

- Case

- Manual

- Time Certificate


- Data cable to PC

- THS-200S Operating stand with constant load

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