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Diverse Technologies : MF300H+
Magnetic Field Meter

MF300H+ Magnetic Field Meter

made for magnetic particle testing

The Diverse MF300H+ hand held, battery operated Magnetic Field Meter with its rugged stainless steel Hall effect probe is suitable for laboratory and workshop use.

The meter uses a membrane key pad and a digital display which makes it simple to operate but at the same time offers the ability to do complex measurements.

A wide range of settings and units can be set by the user together with a variety of measurement modes allowing the user to take magnetic measurements in most lab and industrial applications.

  • Auto zero can be requested at any time by the press of a single key.
  • Measurements of magnetic fields together with the selected units are displayed on the instrument.
  • Modes include average, absolute peak, bipolar peak and true RMS.
  • There is a built in data logger that can collect 100 samples in  the chosen measurement mode and at a selectable rate. The results can be viewed on screen or optionally downloaded via the serial RS232/USB interface. Software for use with the meter is provided with the serial/USB option which enables data to be saved and entered in spreadsheets.
  • There is a built in are mode for NDT magnetic test bench (MTB) work. The MTB mode switches the instrument to the correct range and mode and compares the field level with a pre-defined level, typically 2400 kA/m. If the field is below this then <LO> is displayed otherwise <OK>. The high current measurement mode allows calibration of the setup and measurement of the current in all the measurement modes.
  • The instrument will work to 250kA, typically found in aluminium smelting plant.

MF300H+ Features at a glance

  • Measures Average, Absolute Peak, Bipolar, peak and RMS magnetic fields.
  • User selects units of measurement.
  • Rugged stainless steel probe
  • Magnetic Test Bench mode
  • Built in data logger
  • Continuous bar graph display of level
  • Remembers previous settings
  • High current measurement mode
  • Auto power off, Auto Zero facility.
  • Meets ISO 9000 quality assurance requirements.
  • Fully calibrated and delivered with certification to NPL traceable standard.
  • Supplied with a protective carrying case and full user instructions
  • Used by NDT and welding shops worldwide
Shipping: 4 lbs. 14x12x4 in.


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MF300H+ Kit with tangential field probe, manual, carrying case.


Please email us or
call 1-800-635-9108 or 913-432-7080
for current pricing.


RS232/USB Port, cable and software option.


Please email us or
call 1-800-635-9108 or 913-432-7080
for current pricing.

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