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Diverse Technologies : MF300B+
Magnetic Flux Meter

 MF300B+ Magnetic Flux Meter

Measures flux inside the test piece!

Most magnetic field meters and gauss meters measure the level of magnetism outside of the components under inspection. Yet it is the value of the magnetic flux density within components which determine whether or not Magnetic Particle Inspection can be successfully carried out.

The MF300B+ Magnetic flux meter provides a quantitative measurement of the magnetic flux inside steel.

The unique probe extracts a sample of flux from the surface under inspection and displays the peak flux in mT, Tesla or Gauss.

The probe of the MF300B+ can be placed on the required surface to measure the flux density in any direction.

The monitor will measure constant or alternating magnetic flux which can be produced by permanent magnets, electromagnets or electric currents. The measured value is displayed in units of Tesla.

Measurements of magnetic flux are displayed on the unit and can also be sent via optional RS232 or USB link to a P.C. Software for use with the meter is provided which enables data to be saved and entered in spreadsheets.

Feature summary:

  • Measures Peak Magnetic Flux Density
  • Uses unique Magnetic Flux probe.
  • Auto zero before every reading.
  • Use with constant or alternating magnetisation.
  • RS232 output for computer connection.
  • Meets BS 5750/ ISO 9000 quality assurance requirements.
  • Fully calibrated and delivered with certification.
  • Supplied with a protective carrying case and full instructions.

shipping: 5bs. 14x12x4 in.


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MH300F+ Flux Meter kit with probe, case, manual


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