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Parker Research : DA-750
750 Amp - Portable Magnetic Particle Tester

DA-750, 750 amp Portable Magnetic Particle Tester

The Parker Research DA-750 heavy duty portable magnetic inspection unit provides high output AC or HWDC fields for magnetic particle inspection.

- Field selection is determined by using the appropriate field cable connector.

- Current output is infinitely variable from zero to maximum by use of the current control located on the front panel, and is indicated by the panel meter.

- Actual current output is determined by cable size and length.

- AC magnetic fields offer the best sensitivity for detection of surface defect indications.


- Operates from either 115 VAC or 230 VAC (must be specified.)

- The AC field is also beneficial for demagnetizing after inspection.

- Half-Wave DC magnetic fields provide for the detection of certain subsurface defect indications.

- DC fields penetrate a cross section of the test area rather than just the surface.

- Optional magnetizing cables can be equipped with prods for circular magnetization.

- The cables can be wrapped around parts to form a coil for longitudinal magnetization.

- Demagnetization is accomplished in a similar manner.

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DA750-115 Portable Inspection Unit, 115VAC, 1P




DA750-230 Portable Inspection Unit, 220VAC, 1P



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