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Magnetic Particle >> Wet Horizontal Testers >> Solid State Systems
Solid State Systems :  - S-4000 Series
Industrial Grade MPI Testers
Please email us or call 1-800-635-9108 or 913-432-7080 for current pricing.

Solid State Systems Series 4000 Industrial Wet Horizontal Tester

Detail, Head Stock, Coil, Crank & Lock Tail Stock, Solid Steel Rails

Head Stock, Coil, Crank & Lock Tail Stock, Solid Steel Rail


Economical, industrial grade, feature loaded testers
  • Solid State Control with fast response (8 milliseconds), low noise and reduced weight
  • Secondary control using SCR's offers better performance then machines that use primary control. Interference from other machines is reduced to a minimum and separate power lines are not required. This can be a significant cost saving.
  • 12" diameter high efficiency coil is standard
  • Infinitely Variable Current Control allows accurate, smooth, adjustment from 0 to maximum current using a 3-turn potentiometer
  • Digital Ammeter with easy-to-read LED displays accurate measurement of the machines output amperage. A hold feature maintains the last amperage reading until the unit is energized again. A red "current flow indicator' lights while the magnetizing current is flowing. The meter is mounted on the face of the headstock for easy viewing.
  • Quick break is standard on all models. "Quick Break" produces transient currents at the ends of a test part to reduce strong polarities that may mask indications. "Quick Break" helps insure maximum repeatability of inspection results.
  • Color-coded, plug in Micro-Pak modules are used for fast fault isolation and minimum down time.
  • Thermal overload protection
  • A "Safe-Guard" voltage conversion board provides a safe and reliable system for changeover from 240v to 480 volt.
  • Demagnetization; AC standard, Optional AC and Reversing DC and Automatic Demagnetization
  • Part Protection; prevents overheating parts that are not properly clamped between head and tailstock
  • Hinged doors for easy access to all internal components for maintenance
Optional Equipment:
  • Motorized Coil
  • Motorized Tailstock
  • Small Parts Adaptors
  • Steady Rests
  • Rotary Fixtures
  • Induced Current Fixtures
  • 12" Coil Diameter Standard, other sizes and high efficiency coils optional
  • Folding Hood Assembly with lighting and exhaust fans


Head Space

Type Current Maximum Output Demag
S-4032A 54" AC 3,000 AC-Auto
S-4052A 54" AC 5,000 AC-Auto
S-4062B 100" AC 6,000 AC-Auto
S-4062C 144" AC 6,000 AC-Auto
S-4057A 54" AC-DC 5,000 AC-Auto
S-4057B 100" AC-DC 4,000 AC-Auto
S-4057C 144" AC-DC 4,000 AC-Auto
S-4060A 54" DC 6,000 None
S-4060B 100" DC 6,000 None
S-4060C 144" DC 6,000 None
S-4100A 54" DC 10,000 None
S-4100B 100" DC 10,000 None
S-4100C 144" DC 10,000 None
S-4120A 54" DC 12,000 None
S-4120B 100" DC 12,000 None
S-4120C 144" DC 12,000 None
S-4063A 54" AC-DC 6,000 AC & Rev DC
S-4063B 100" AC-DC 6,000 AC & Rev DC
S-4063C 144" AC-DC 6,000 AC & Rev DC
S-4101A 54" DC 10,000 Rev DC
S-4101B 100" DC 10,000 Rev DC
S-4101C 144" DC 10,000 Rev DC
S-4121A 54" DC 12,000 Rev DC
S-4121B 100" DC 12,000 Rev DC
S-4121C 144" DC 12,000 Rev DC


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