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Magnetic Particle >> Gauss Meters
Trifield : VGM
3 Axis AC-DC Gauss Meter

Trifield Model VGM

  • 3-axis (X,Y,Z) Vector/Magnitude Gauss meter 
  • Displays peak and magnitude.
  • Used to map magnetic fields
  • 0.01-799.99 gauss
  • DC/AC Gaussmeter
  • manufactured in the USA

The VGM Vector Gaussmeter displays the true magnitude of the field at any location as well as the X, Y, Z components up to 800 gauss. Also separately displays peak values of X, Y, Z, and magnitude.

There is a sound alarm that determines the locations where the field magnitude exceeds user-set threshold. Because magnitude is measured, the orientation of the sensor (E-W, N-S, and up-down) is not important; this is unlike a 1-axis gaussmeter. With the VGM the user can set the alarm to 15 gauss (for example) and it will sound (simultaneous with a red light) whenever the field exceeds 15 gauss for at least 5 milliseconds. Using the meter this way, it is easy to make a map of the 15 gauss line (or for whatever threshold is set) around a strong magnet. When using the alarm, of a steel part can be rapidly scanned to show if any areas exceed the set threshold. Then the “peak hold” function can be interrogated, showing the peak values of X, Y, Z (including polarity) and magnitude that occurred during the scan. Peak hold also has a 5 millisecond response time. The “reset” button resets all peak hold registers to the present values of X, Y, Z and magnitude, which are displayed in real time when the knob is set to “measure.” Offsets can be manually applied to X, Y, and Z, or a “relative zero” can be applied to all three. This subtracts out the field at the time the button was pressed.


  • Displays the magnitude of magnetic field regardless of probe orientation. Also can display X, Y, or Z components. 
  • When set to “Peak Hold”, displays the highest magnitude since the last time “Reset” was pressed. Also remembers and can display peak value of X, Y, Z (including polarity) since the last "Reset." 
  • Continuous sampling and magnitude calculation every 5 milliseconds; the peak of X, Y, Z and magnitude will be accurate even if they occurred at different times. 
  • Sound alarm and light for rapid feedback if the field exceeds threshold you set. 
  • Relative zero and manual offset functions independently for X, Y, Z. 
  • Includes battery, AC Adapter, alarm output (open/closed switch) and rubber boot (allows meter to be positioned at various angles) 
  • CE Compliant.


  • Very fast screening of parts for residual magnetism. By using the alarm and peak hold functions, partially magnetized parts can be characterized with a minimum of effort, regardless of whether the field is oriented in an unexpected direction. 
  • Rapid mapping of magnetic field, such as from an MRI. Use the alarm functions, for example, to find the 5 gauss contour without worrying about the probe orientation. 
  • Use as a laboratory X, Y, Z and magnitude magnetometer. Also measures transient field, even if a pulse occurs once for 5 milliseconds within a period of days.
  • The Model GM2 measures the strength and polarity of magnetic field up to 30kG wth a standard probes  Functions include DC, AC and peak hold along with a user-adjustable alarm which has three modes of operation. DC background field can be subtracted out either by pressing “Relative Zero” or by manually adjusting the offset. 


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VGM Gauss Meter with battery, charger, tangential field probe


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Case for the VGM Gauss Meter


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