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TMM NDT, Ltd. : MP-700-AC
Magnetic Particle Test Bench

TMM MP-700-2AC 


Multi-Directional Magnetic Particle Tester 

This crack detection bench is equipped with three, seperate, 120o phase shifted magnetizing circuits They allow the following combinations of magnetizing methods:  Circuits can be applied together or in combination: JEW-SSW, JEW- LKW, SIW-LKW.

  • JEW Field flux with AC yoke magnetization
  • SSW Current flow, directly with AC high current magnetization
  • LKW Current flow, directly with AC high current help-magnetization
  • SIW Induction magnetization with AC induced current flow

* According to DIN 54 130 part 1 EN 9934.1-2-3, :

Test bench is composed of three important units.

  • Electronic and electrics ; are built in two different panels, mounted on the left side of the bench ergonomically and optimly in accordance with the IP-54.
  • Magnetizing Field-Flow fixtures or yokes are mounted horizontally. The left yoke has 50 mm stroke and right yoke is mounted on a moveable carrier. AC high current (low voltage) magnetization copper conductors are located on each of the yokes. Height adjusted V Shaped settling plates are located on the yokes for settling the test parts. Both plates are made from electrically insulated plastic materials.
  • Test concentrate liquid tank, round container with pump, are located under the bench and has flexible hose.

System operation:

  • Manual: (This mode generally use for the calibration of the system).
    As soon as the foot switch is pressed, or two hand safety control buttons are actuated, the functions of the test bench take place in the correct sequence of time. First, the pneumatic cylinder clamps the test part, then magnetization occurs while the part is clamped. Manual rinsing should be done. Demagnetizing and unclamping has occurred by the time the operator releases the buttons or foot switch. ·
  • Automatic: (This mode is using for the automatic testing) Preselected by the selector switch on / off manual/automatic. After preselecting and pressing the foot switch or two hand safety control the functions of the test bench take place in the correct sequence of time: Clamping, magnetizing, automatic rinsing, demagnetizing and unclamping. .


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