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Quickshot XRF : Hazardous Substance Detection
Hazardous Substance Detection

QuikShot Hazardous Material Screening Solutions


In recent years Hazardous Substances (HS) such as lead and mercury have received a lot of press for the harm they have caused. In response to this, a number of regulations have been developed to protect children from excessive contact with hazardous substances and limit the amount of heavy metals that are put back into the earth.

These various regulations (RoHS, CPSIA, etc) affect a wide range of industries and have created a demand for fast, on-site screening methods to accurately detect levels of banned substances and x-ray fluorescence has grown into a popular, low-cost, testing solution.

Major hazardous substance regulations include:

The SOLUTION to Lead and Hazardous Substance Regulations?
Handheld XRF Analyzers have become one of the most popular methods of screening product for the regulated metals because the technology provides a cost-effective mobile testing device that is not limited by sample size and can detect levels of banned substances well below the regulated parts-per-million (ppm) levels. The Quickshot XRF handheld system can read down to levels of 10ppm with accuracy. 

Quickshot XRF's handheld system (QSX-HH) provides a cost-effective way for organizations to take control of their compliance testing program . The analyzer limits the need for outside testing resources and allowing for accurate results to be in the palm of your hand.

Among its many features, the major benefit of the QSX-HH is the easy to navigate software package for hazardous substance testing. Real time results are shown on the PDA and can be transferred to a desktop computer for long-term storage, analysis and report generation in Word/Excel.

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