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NDT Supply : Small Modular W.W. Penetrant System


LPI W2436 Modular Water Washable Penetrant System

Penetrant Tank

Stainless Steel Tank with Alum. Lid (fold back/double-hinged), 36”dimension front to back, with Removable Half Rack


Rinse Station:

36” x 36” x 84” tall, Stainless Steel Tank, with Solid Back and  Roof with UV Fixture and Ventilation Fan, End-Opening Counter-Balanced Doors.  Includes Regulator and Gauge, and Tri-Con Spray Nozzle


Rack in Stainless Steel Pan


Dryer Oven:

Front Loading with Counter Balanced Door, Certifiable Digital Thermostat, Removable Shelf, 36” dimension front to back, 460 v, 3 ph

Developer Station

Developer Station: Air-Activated Dry Powder with Dust Collector/Vacuum System, Fold-Back Lid with V-Bottom, 36” dimension front to back

Inspection  Booth

36” x 36” x 84” high, with Countertop, Solid Roof, Curtain-enclosed, 115v outlet for Blacklight (not included) Whitelight, and Fan



- Additional Rest Stations, Drain Stations

- "Refrigerator” Type Dryer Oven Door End-Opening Dryer Oven Doors

- Removable Shelves

- Custom Sizes

- Lowerators

- Chamber Type Developer Stations

- Hydrophilic or Lipophilic Post Emulsifiable Configurations


- Overall Length ~ 13'

- Specify color when ordering

- F.O.B. point is Los Angeles, CA

- Delivery ~ 4 weeks


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