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Accent Industrial : Zyglo Fluorescent Penetrant Kit
Includes UV Lamp and carrying case

ZYGLO General Purpose (non-halongenated) Kit

Description Kit Contents
Product EV6000 ZP Kit
PE Fluoro Penetrant ZL-27A,1 aerosol can, 16 oz.
Developer ZP-9F, 1 aerosol can. 16 oz.
Cleaner SKC-S, 2 aerosol cans, 16 oz.
Black Light EV6000 LED UV Lamp, 115-230V / 50-60Hz
General Plastic case for materials, can gun, wire brush, 6 wiping cloths and instructions.
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EV6000 ZP Kit

EV6000 ZP Kit, Includes EV6000 black light, (2) cans SKC-S, (1) can ZL-27A and (1) can ZP-9F


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