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NDT Unlimited : Supra - Filtration
Recycled Wash Water System
Supra-Filtration Wash Water Recyling System

NDT Unlimited's Supra-Filtration System is your best option for washwater treatment to meet government regulations and the high cost of wastewater disposal.

Simple - Economical - Effective

  • Designed for continuous water recirculation
  • Low maintenance



  • High output pump on fresh water storage tank assures that clean water back to rinse has constant high pressure for proper washing process.
  • Pressure shut-down valve protects in-line pumps.
  • Carbon drum filterwith quick-change drum assemblyfor ease of changing.
  • In-line particulate filter for additional filtration
  • Polypropylene pumping station transfers dirty water to the dirty water storage tank.
  • Front mounted control box.
  • Tank covers with handles
  • 110 VAC
  • 100, 200, 300 and 400 gallon sizes available 


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