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Accent Industrial : Magnetic Crawler Tank Inspection System
Magnetic Crawler Tank Inspection System

MARK IV-B Magnetic Wheeled Crawler Inspection System

Offers a complete, portable AC powered, inspection and data recording system for ultrasonic thickness measurement of steel storage tanks, piping and other steel structures which are not easily accessible by normal methods,

The magnetic wheeled, steerable crawler vehicle is powered by two 12 VDC gear motors and carries a spring-loaded ultrasonic transducer and water line.

The operator can make a nearly continuous scan of a tank, top to bottom, from the ground through use of the crawler.    Information gathered in this manner can be used to determine the probability of corrosion and pitting in an entire vessel. 

The system is comprised of:

- Mark IV-B crawler vehicle

- StressTel T-Scope III digital ultrasonic thickness gauge with a large LCD A-Scan and digital thickness display, data storage, recording and transfer software, PC interface cable,

- 100 ft. long cable assembly

- AC and DC powered Crawler Control Module.  

- The system includes NDT's CrawlerWare timed data recording interface for use with the Gridware 2000 software provided with the gauge.

System Includes:
MARK IV-B Crawler Vehicle with two 12 VDC motors (rated as explosion proof per MIL-M-8609 and MIL-E-5272), high strength magnetic wheels and 2" dia. spring-loaded dual transducer, water line (couplant) and electrical connector panel.

StressTel T-Scop III Thickness Gauge with LCD Digital Thickness and A-Scan (signal waveform) display, data logging capability of up to 40,000 individual thickness measurements and up to 1,000 waveforms, GRIDWARE 2000 Windows based data download and reporting software plus NDT's CrawlerWare timed measurement software interface utility. The instrument can also be fitted for single element transducer capability and a B-Scan feature (this capability offers display only - no storage of B-Scan displays).

Laptop computer system with Pentium IV processor, 3.0 GB (min) hard drive, 1.44 MB floppy and CD-ROM/RW drives for data acquisition, spare battery pack, necessary utilities software for download and report preparation and Windows98 operating system.

Cable Assembly 100 feet long (Power Line, Transducer Lines & Couplant/Water Line)e)

Power/Control Unit 110 VAC or 12 VDC Power Input. Has Left/Right, Forward/Reverse and Power Level Motor Controls.

Spare Parts Kit (for minimum of two year operation): Includes (2) gear motors, (1) transducer, (1) complete wheel assembly with axles & gears, (2) stainless steel drive chains, all misc. tubing fittings and electrical connectors

System is available without the UT Instrument, Computer and Software

OPTIONAL Fiberglass Transport Cases per pair of small cases or single large case.
One large single case is in stock. 40"L x 34"W x 20"H, black composite ABS, hinged cover, four handles, two latches, with six foam lined compartments.

Warranty: One year from date of shipment parts & labor on primary components
Thirty days on motors, transducers, cables and batteries

Lead Time: Currently 4 to 6 weeks, F.O.B. Factory- All shipping charges are extra.

Terms of Payment: 50% within 10 days of order. Work will not commence until prepayment is received. Net Balance due prior to shipment.

General Information:
Overall physical dimensions of the vehicle are 12" L x 6" W x 6" H. Vehicle Weight is 8 lbs.
Vehicle speed range from 1 to 30 feet per minute when on AC power.  Speed will vary when using an external DC power source.
Scanning results are best when the vehicle moves at slower speed.
Holding force is up to 75 lbs. per wheel depending on surface and paint coating.
Paint thickness and surface conditions will greatly impact the holding force of the vehicle.
Normal cable assembly length is 100 feet.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Minimum and Maximum Range of Measurement?
Min Max range is about 0.060" (1.5mm) to 6.000" (150.0mm)

Pre-requisites required for the thickness measurement?
Operator should be well trained in ultrasonic theory and applications
Vessel being inspected should be clean with no flaking paint or rust.

Accuracy of the results?
Typical accuracy depends upon thickness.
Under 1.00" Thick +/- 0.003" Over 1.00" Thick +/- 1% of wall

Mode of payment?
Full payment required in advance of shipment

Spares availability?
Kit price includes spares for 2 years operation

Life of the magnetic wheels?
Typical life of steel/neodymium/steel "sandwich" wheels is 5 years

Price of the equipment?
Call for quotation.

In case of procurement, how will you deliver this to our location.

Foreign shipment via TNT Global Express (Air) or your specified carrier.
Domestic shipment by UPS Ground Service Approximate shipping weight is 200 lbs.

Equipment guarantee?
One year warranty of instrumentation parts & labor.
Thirty days on motors, transducer, cables & batteries

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Mark IVB Magnetic Crawler



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