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ScanTech : ScanTech Analyst
B-Scan Software
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Analyst /B-Scan Data Acquisition and Reporting Software Package

Analyst software package for use with most manual or automated scanners which need to provide B-scan capabilities.


- Easy and flexible data acquisition allows you to view the B-scan data (gated thickness line graphs) while you are

- Scanning.

- Allows a change of ultrasonic parameters such as gain, gating, etc., on the fly, since these are accessed directly on the familiar scope panel.

- Back-up and re-scan areas when needed; data is automatically overwritten.

- Monitor scan position and thickness on the B-scan or digital indicators.

- Tool button allows a pause in data logging for repositioning the scanner, etc.


- Choose point or line graph.

- Zoom in on data using mouse functions.

- Crosshair cursor for digital readout of location and thickness.

- Maximum, minimum and average per foot across baseline.

- User-defined clipping regions.

- Smoothing function for viewing trends in a single data line (useful when material is extremely pitted and scan is compressed).

- User-defined minimum thickness values.

- Overlay function allows scans to be compared on a single graph.

- Original data values are saved


- On-site reports.

- Print data reports on each scan plan for a tank, vessel, etc.

- Data report includes vessel diagram, scan layout, equipment specifications, etc., followed by the B-scan line thickness graphs with location and thickness axis for each scan.

- Data can optionally be presented in tabular form.

- Line graphs can be overlayed with a thickness flag (minimum) value.

- All values below minimum are presented in separate color format.


- Built-in data base; stores customer list, job locations, specifications on equipment inspected, etc.

- Easy access for fast retrieval and set-up.

- Select from a list of available scan plans; then choose increment, length, number of scans, etc.

- Easy encoder calibration for use with various scanners.

 Interface Hardware

- Interface plugs into a PCMCIA port of notebook PCs. (Also offer ISA boards for portables or desktops which have ISA slot.)

- Includes encoder decoder for location tracking

- Includes parallel port for communication to scope.

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