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ScanTech : ScanTech Analyst DS2
Dryer Roller Scanning System
Please email us or call 1-800-635-9108 or 913-432-7080 for current pricing.


The Analyst D2S is a dryer roll scanning system designed to fill the unique requirements of ultrasonic inspection on cast iron paper machine dryer rolls. 

The D2S also provides the flexibility and reporting capabilities of the AnalystTM software. Velocity and time of flight (thickness) information, insuring proper calibration at any point on the roll.

The D2S Provides the Following Functionality:

- Automated calibration

- Reduced zero error (due to wedge construction and wear)

- Multiplexed, interleaved scanning for thickness and velocity

- Fast inspection rates

- Easily viewable A-scan display

- Automated data acquisition

- Graphical display

- Automated reporting

- Access to TOF data

- Reliable trending

- Flexibility in velocity application

- View velocity data

- Reduce noise in data

The D2S system is built upon the AnalystTM software and data acquisition system. This means that the features of this system are available for B-scan inspection of anything from piping to vessels and storage tanks. Automated reporting is available for the presentation of data in several scanplan type categories. If the C1 scanner is purchased, the system will also offer the best tank wall and roof corrosion inspection system available.

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