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ScanTech : ScanTech H4
Optically Encoded Hand Scanner
Please email us or call 1-800-635-9108 or 913-432-7080 for current pricing.

The ScanTech Instruments H4 Hand Scanner is an optically encoded scanner that can be used to collect date from ultrasonic or eddy current probes and arrays for most manufacturers.

The H4 is a very rugged scanner that may be used either manually or it can be automated for collecting thickness or flaw data and location - postitional information.


- Ultrasonic Flaw Detection

- TOFD Imaging

- Phased Array Imaging

- Eddy Current Arrays

- Velocity / Thickness Determination

- Corrosion Scanning


- Integrated, sealed optical encoder

- Line driver or conventional interface

- Sealed connector

- High quality metal connectors

- Stainless steel water quick-connect

- Connections mounted on rear bulkhead

- Isolated connections from bulkhead to probe

- Sheathed cable bundle

- Clean, ergonomic design

- High quality, light weight engineering materials

- Stainless steel ball bearings and fasteners

- Fully floating, low friction probe mounting assembly

- Consistent probe surface pressure

- Isolated from hand position

- Linear spring tension

- Probe can be rotated for line-of-site to front of scanner


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