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Sonatest : Thetascan
Portable C-Scan System
Please email us or call 1-800-635-9108 or 913-432-7080 for current pricing.

ThetaScan 'C' scan system
for upgrading existing flaw detectors

Cost-effective multi-discipline C-Scan system for use with existing flaw detectors.

The ThetaScan scanner and C-scan imaging software enhances the capabilities of your existing equipment and can be used with ANY flaw detector with a suitable analogue output.

The addition of a notebook PC converts your existing ultrasonic, eddy current or mechanical impedance instrument into a state of the art C-scan system.

The Inspection Solutions, Ltd ThetaScan scanner and C-Scan imaging software adds additional functionality to the Sonatest range of Ultrasonic flaw detectors. The addition of the ThetaScan system along with a notebook PC enhances the capabilities of the Sitescan and Masterscan flaw detectors to produce a cost-effective, state of the art corrosion mapping.

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