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TecScan : Industrial Immersion Scanner
Industrial Immersion Scanner
Industrial Immersion Scanner
Our Industrial ultrasonic immersion scanners are modular systems composed of mechanical and ultrasonic components that are all controlled by our real-time, data acquisition and analysis software package: TecView™ UT.

Although our typical configuration consists of three motorized axes (X, Y, Z) additional axes such as manual or motorized swivel/gimbal & gimbal/gimbal assemblies, custom designed Turn Tables, and bar stock indexers can be incorporated to the system. Our industrial immersion tank is made of welded steel tube structure and a heavy duty stainless steel tank with acrylic windows. An acrylic tank could be used depending on the size of the scanner. The scanner comes in a variety of dimensions and is fully custom designed to suit clients’ needs and requirements.

TecScan delivers a turnkey solution that comprises a complete industrial enclosure housing all required electronics, as well as a workstation unit. Based on clients needs, either a new or an existing UT Unit can be integrated to the system. The scanning process is completely automated and controlled by our TecView™ UT software package, which handles the whole NDT process, from motion control all the way to data analysis.
5 Axis Industrial Immersion Tank

This 5 axis immersion scanner with a 1/2" acrylic tank and welded steel support structure is designed to be rugged and versatile. Equipped with X, Y, Z, and Motorized Swivel / Gimbal axes, this scanner is perfectly suitable for contour following of curved surfaces.
  Large Scale 5 Axis Immersion Scanner with Stainless Steel Tank

Developed for the inspection of large industrial parts, this system has a stainless steel tank and a welded steel support structure thus ensuring the scanner’s ruggedness, accuracy, and repeatability.
Main features:
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel with Acrylic windows
  • Welded steel structure
  • High speed UT scanning
  • High motion resolution and accuracy
  • Motion control up to 12 axes
  • Windows based, multi-tasking software TecView™ UT
  • Full waveform digitalization
  • Real-time A, B and C-Scans
  • High quality encoders and DC servo motors
  • Linear amplifiers that minimize the noise interfering with UT signals
  • Hardware for Pulse on Position scanning
  • Home switches for high position repeatability

Typical Scanner Specifications:

Axis Max Speed Accuracy Resolution (per step)
X 8" - 24"/Sec +/-0.0005"/" 0.00008"
Y 6" - 18"/Sec +/-0.0005"/" 0.00008"
Z 6" - 12"/Sec +/-0.0005"/" 0.00008"

*These specifications may vary according to clients requirements.


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