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TecScan : Gantry Systems
Gantry Systems
Please email us or call 1-800-635-9108 or 913-432-7080 for current pricing.
Gantry System

TecScan's Gantry System is an NDT industrial Squirter Gantry scanner designed for nondestructive quality testing and scanning of large structures and parts. The Gantry System is composed of an industrial mechanical scanner and a control room.

The mechanical scanner is a large industrial Cartesian coordinate robot which can accommodate up to 12 independent axes. The structure is made of structural steel components (Steel tube, I-Beams, Steel Plate, etc) welded together to increase rigidity.

Our standard configuration consists of an X-axis, two Y carriages, 2 Z-axis, and two Swivel / Gimbal assemblies, although the gantry system can be custom designed to meet clients’ needs. All motors are high quality servomotors equipped with gearboxes and optical encoders. The Gantry system also comes with all the required water metering and filtering equipment.

Finally, the control room represents the center of operation of the Gantry system. It consists of an air-conditioned room equipped with industrial enclosures containing the workstation unit, all the required electronics including all motor drive electronics, as well as motion control and inspection hardware. The Gantry scanning system is operated using our TecView™ UT software package, which controls all the axes, sets up all inspection parameters and performs all required analysis of the collected data.

Typical Scanner Specifications:
Axis Max Speed Accuracy
X 36"/Sec ±0.005 0.0005"/Step
Y 24"/Sec ±0.005 0.0005"/Step
Z 12"/Sec ±0.005 0.0005"/Step

*These specifications may vary according to clients requirements.



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