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TecScan : Bearing Scanners
Bearing Scanners
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Eddy Current Bearing Scanner

TecScan offers turnkey automated Eddy Current Bearing Scanners.

This scanner is designed and built to suit the needs and requirements of bearings manufactures, providing them with accurate and reliable quality control tools.

 The standard configuration represents a 4-axis assembly (Y, Z, Gimble, Turntable) operated using our TecView EC package. The software assists you in the management of motion control, scanning procedure, data collection and analysis. It also allows setting the Eddy Current parameters as well as alarms. The scanner performs the inspections using special testing procedures developed for the scanning of Ball Bearing Raceways, Roller Bearings Raceways, Inner Grooves, etc.

With the TecView EC software package, the inspector can set live and post-acquisition alarms for acceptance or rejection criteria. In the analysis module, both the C-Scan and the independent tracks can be visualized and analyzed with different alarm, gain and rotational settings. Inspection reports with all the recorded tracks and the triggered alarms can be generated using the report utility.

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