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NDT Supply : DM Adapter Cables
DM Adapter Cables

Allows the use of your D-Meter, T-Mike and Dakota transducers with your Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors - BNC Connectors

Type BNC-DM-A allows you to directly plug your D-Meter probe cable to the instrument.

Type BNC-DM-B permits the use of a pair of single or dual BNC-BNC cables in any length as extension cables for your D-Meter probe.

Type DL00-DM allows you to use a DM probe with any instrument requiring Lemo 00 connectors.  

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Dual BNC-DM - A (Male BNC Connector), RG-174, 6 Inches (Instrument - DM Probe), similar to AO45 Adapter


Was: $84.00
Now: $69.00


Dual BNC-DM - B (Female BNC Connector), RG-174, 6 Inches (BNC Cable to DM Probe), similar to Y187 Adapter


Was: $84.00
Now: $69.00


Dual Lemo 00-DM Adaptor Cable, RG-174, 6 Inches (DM Probe to Dual Lemo 00 instrument)


Was: $84.00
Now: $69.00

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