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Dakota Ultrasonics : CMX
CMX Thickness/Coating Thickness Gauge

The CMX measures thickness, detects internal pitting on coated pipes and tanks while also measuring the coating thickness.

Simply and cheaply!"

Only* the CMX can accurately measure:




* simultaneously and economically

The CMX is a new concept in Multi-Mode Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges


This as achieved in a single mode called "PECT" (pulse-echo coating).

Other measuring modes have the following “issues”

    • 0-1st Echo is effective for pitting detection but the measurement does not properly compensate for the coating thickness
    • Echo-Echo is effective for thru-coating measurements, properly correcting the measurement for the coating thickness but is poor at detecting pitting.

Measurement Modes built-into the CMX:

    • Coating on: Pulse-Echo Coating (PECT)
    • Coating off: Pulse-Echo (P-E)
    • Temp Comp: Pulse-Echo Temperature compensated (PETP)
    • Thru-Paint: Echo-Echo (E-E)
    • Coating Only: Coating (CT)


Overview of the CMX & CMX DL: 

The CMX gauges are based on 100 MHz DSP platform which offers many new features and advantages. 

  • "PECT" is a hybrid mode utilizing some special techniques based on wave theory and processing power. Since the CMX can locate pits and defects, as well as measuring the coating thickness.
  • The Pulse-Echo mode has always been used for locating blind sided pitting and internal defects.
  • The Echo-Echo mode was used to eliminate the error caused by coated surfaces to provide a nominal material thickness. 
  • With other gauges the user has to switch between modes, giving up either thru-coating capability or pitting detection. With the CMX's new "PECT" mode you have the capabilities of both modes at the same time !

Electronic Platform Highlights (What’s inside the Box):

  • 100MHz DSP platform using FPGA technology
  • 2 channels ( 2 pulsers & receivers )
  • Up to 140Hz pulse repetition rate
  • Display update rate of 25 times per second
  • 110dB gain range
  • Data Format Options:  Grid (alpha numeric spreadsheet) & Sequential with auto identifiers.
  • Memory – 16,000+ readings, B-Scans, & gauge settings for every stored reading (Graphics On), or 210,000+ readings - including material, coating, min & max thicknesses for every reading (Graphics Off)

·         Auto Probe Recognition

·         Auto Probe Zero

·         Auto Temperature Compensation

·         Adjustable Gain – (vlow, low, med, high, high)

·         Time based B-Scan (cross section view)

·         High Speed Scan

·         High/Low Alarm – dynamic update of both

·         Differential Mode

·         Transducer Linearity Selector

·         Material Chart

·         64 Custom Setup Capability

·         Massive Data Storage

Measuring Modes:
Coating on:

Pulse-Echo Coating (PECT)

Measures both coating and base material thickness with sensitivity to back-wall pitting.

Coating off:

Pulse–Echo (P-E):

Measure uncoated materials with sensitivity to back-wall pitting.

Temp Comp: 

Pulse-Echo Temperature compensated (PETP):

Automatic Probe Zero compensation prevents reading drift due to temperature induced velocity changes in the probes delay lines

Echo-Echo (E-E)

Measures base material thickness while ignoring the coating. This mode is not sensitive to back-wall pitting.

Coating Only: 
Coating (CT)

Measure coating thickness only. Good for measuring coatings on concrete, tanks, bridges, etc.

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Dakota CMX

CMX Kit Includes: Unit, Standard Transducer, Couplant, Manual, Plastic Carrying Case, and AA Batteries. 2 year warranty.



Dakota CMX-DL

CMX DL Kit Includes: Unit, Standard Transducer, Couplant, Manual, Plastic Carrying Case, AA Batteries, PC Software and Transfer Cable, 2 year warranty.




3/16" Dia., 5 MHz, CT Fingertip Probe for thin walled small diameter tubes




1/4" Dia., 5 MHz CT Fingertip Probe - General Purpose




1/2" Dia., 5 MHz CT Fingertip Probe for tanks and pressure vessels




Instrument Case



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