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Sonotech : Shear Gel

SHEAR GEL provides coupling for shear waves generated by normal incidence (zero degree) shear wave transducers. 

SHEAR GEL Characteristics

Extremely thick viscosity to couple normal incidence  (zero degree) shear waves


Environmentally benign


SHEAR GEL Technical Specifications
Viscosity** >4,000,000 cps
Density 1.4 to 1.6 g/cc
Temperature Range 40° to 90° F
4° to 32° C
Water Soluble YES
Humectant NO

** Viscosity equivalents: 4,000k = thick paste, 550k = stiff gel, 150k = pourable gel, 20k = thick liquid

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Shear Gel

Shear Gel 4 oz. Tube


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