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Krautkramer : Krautkramer USM-35
Krautkramer USM-35

USM 35X-DAC like new perfect condition

  • USM35X-DACFlaw Detector
  • Battery Charger
  • Operating Manual
  • Carry Case

USM 35X DAC - Ultrasonic Flaw Detector bringing color to everyday testing

Fast and bright color screen
Color brings you many additional benefits in your daily inspection job:
Special highlight: patented color-coded display of legs for angle-beam inspection (e.g. welds).

Color display of monitor gates and curves (DAC, TCG, DGS) for direct recognition
Messages and alarms in red characters for increased attention, use of color to display references
(A-scan) to make comparisions easy. 
Colorized envelope curve display for echo dynamic analysis.,
Multicolor screen combinations for technician preferences and to select best suitable color scheme according to the working environment.
VGA output to connect the instrument to an external monitor or video projector

The USM 35 comes with a larger, high-contrast color display.  Not only the display but also battery concept profits from innovations in the computer industry: the lithium-ion battery pack supplies the instrument with energy for up to ten hours and can remain in the instrument for recharging.

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USM35 complete DAC with battery and charger, manual, carrying case.


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