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Sonotron : AVT-Scan Auto-Velocity-Thickness
Drier Roll Measuring System

Sonotron Isonic AVT-Scan

Measure the thickness of Cast Iron Paper Drier Rolls*


A-Scan and Velocity Measurements

(inch or metric)



A-Scan and B-Scan


With encoded position

AVT-Scan Operation - click for video
The Sonotron Isonic AVT-Scan (Auto Velocity & Thickness Scanning System) is a software addition to any Sonotron instrument having two or more conventional ultrasonic testing channels. The most popular packages are:
  1. Isonic 2008/2 Portable, Conventional Multi-Channel Ultrasonic Flaw Detector and Recorder
  2. Isonic 2010/2/32:32 or 2/16:16 Measurements are made using 2 independent channels: Portable, Phased Array and Conventional Multi-Channel Ultrasonic Flaw Detector and Recorder.

The AVT-Scan combined with one of these instruments is a single instrument package providing all measurement, recording and reporting functions in a compact, battery or AC powered instrument. 

The AVT-Scan system is fully compliant with TAPPI TIP 0402-16 requirements.

  • The sound velocity is determined using a through-transmitted lateral (creeping) wave, based on the concept of the “Hartford Wedge” developed by the Hartford Steam Boiler Insurance Company.
  • Thickness is measured using a Dual element probe, mounted between the lateral wave probes, and the velocity measured.
  • The Probe Block incorporates two irrigation connections for tap water coupling.

Post-processing software allow reviewing 100% of all measurements at recorded sensitivity +/- 0 to 6dB. Each detail can be measured with width, depth and distance from origin.

Optional equipment includes:
  • Magnetic Wheeled Probe Holder
  • Magnetic Wheeled Encoder
  • Push-rod
  • Probe cables to specified length

* Can be used to measure other materials when the sound velocity is either unknown or variable


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