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Ultrasonic Flaw Detection >> Phased Array Systems
Sonotron : Isonic 2009
Isonic 2009 UPA-Scope


64:64 Channel Universal Ultrasonic

Scope & Recoder

Phased Array + Conventional UT + TOFD

With full recoding & playback capability

Unique Graphic Interface Simplifies Setup and Interpretation

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Phased Array Modality

  • 64/64 phased array electronics – independently adjustable emitting and receiving aperture, parallel A/D conversion and on-the-fly real time digital phasing
  • Phased array pulser receiver with image guided ray tracing
  • Cross-sectional B-Scan (E-Scan), Sector Scan (S-Scan), Tandem-B-Scan viewing accompanied with standards compliant A-Scan / Gate based evaluation
  • Thickness / Skip Correction for B-Scan / S-Scan viewings
  • Gain per Focal Law Control providing Angle Gain Compensation for S-Scan and other applicable compensations for wedge / delay sound path and losses variation, in-equivalency of array elements, etc
  • A-Scan, B-Scan, CB-Scan, and TOFD
  • DAC/TCG per focal law adjustment
  • Up To 20m Length of One Line Scanning Record
  • 3D data presentation through composing of Top (C-Scan), Side, End Views
  • Dealing with diffracted and mode converted signals – defects sizing and pattern recognition (delta technique, crack depth meter, etc

Conventional UT and TOFD Modalities

  • 1, or 8, or 16 additional conventional channels, each allows single / dual mode of operation
  • Thickness B-Scan
  • Flaw detection Angle / Thickness / Skip Corrected B-Scan
  • TOFD
  • Strip Chart
  • Stripped C-Scan
  • Parallel / Sequential Firing and A/D conversion
  • FFT signal analysis
Testing of solid and hollow shafts, axles, rods, billets, etc are among other applications improved significantly thanks to the easy-to-interpret advantage of True-to-Geometry imaging vs regular S-Scan and B-Scan.  
  • 100% raw data capturing

  • Built-in encoder port

  • Ethernet and 2 X USB Ports

  • Sealed keyboard and mouse

  • Powerful off-line data analysis software tools

  • Remote control

  • Light rugged case

  • Large (8.5”) bright touch screen

  • Direct printout




For more information click: ISONIC 2009



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